Cityscape Pyongyang




The Yanggakdo Casino Hotel (left) where we stayed in Pyongyang, is located on an island in the middle of the Taedong river, together with the Pyongyang International Cinema House and the Yanggakdo football ground. Depending on how paranoid one is, I suppose one could view this as a shrewd way of keeping decadent foreigners isolated and safely away from the general population, or one could view this as picking a scenic location for a downtown hotel.

Either way, the Yangakdo Hotel’s location makes it an ideal site from which to take panoramic views of the city, such as this one, facing North, towards the May Day Stadium and Tower of Juche.

This view, facing South shows the International Cinema House and football ground.

Sunrise over Pyongyang was surreal. Admittedly, this image is what I got after clicking “Enhance” in iPhoto, but even the original was very nice, with light just breaking over a mist-shrouded city.


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