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Tagging two articles from Der Spiegel until I can get round to commenting on them. First on how the growing use of technology has given companies and governments the ability to spy on and even remotely erase private documents stored on individuals’ electronic devices. Second on the US government’s demands to be given the right […]

Filing for future reference till I have time to comment on this. Were we smarter 100 years ago..? I have been rereading the legislative history of the 1909 Copyright Act. I have come to the conclusion that 100 years ago we were smarter about copyright, about disruptive technologies, about intellectual property, monopolies and network […]

The Sunday Times ran an article on this list of restaurants that don’t serve free water The most interesting part of this article was this quote from Tapas Tree, The marketing and sales manager for The Tapas Tree Group, Ms Lyn Yip, said: ‘We find this list to be libellous, and will not hesitate to […]