Using BT747 to download GPS tracks from Qstarz dataloggers

Several people commented in my previous post that they had problems using BT747 to download tracks from their Qstarz. I must admit BT747 can be flaky at times, but I did manage to get it to work when I tried it again recently.

First thing is that sometimes the Bluetooth driver hangs. As always, try rebooting. If BT747 asks for permission to download the latest version when you restart it, say “NO”. Go back to the webpage and use the version labelled Install the stable version using RXTX2.2pre

The interface has changed slightly since the previous version. As before, select Bluetooth or USB click on “Connect” at the bottom of the screen to connect to the GPS datalogger. If all goes well, your current position will appear under “GPS device data”.

Getting the data in GPX/KMZ/KML format is a two-step process. First click “Download” (3) to download the raw GPS data from the datalogger. This may take some time. You can specify the name of the downloaded file (1) if you wish.

Next, click any of the GPX, KMZ, KML etc. buttons in the red box to convert the raw output file into the selected format. This will appear to be instantaneous. The converted file is saved into the output directory specified in (2).
BT747 screen shot