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Wonder if this Richard Seah is the former journalist. Whatever, he’s completely right that the purpose of cashless transactions is to screw the consumer. Self before service | The Online Citizen. Many years ago, my sister ran a hawker stall and I once accompanied her to renew her hawker licence. As you know, most government […]

The importance of whistleblowers. Squirming out – The Standard. Thursday, August 05, 2010 Dennis Chong Octopus Cards chief executive Prudence Chan Pik-wah stepped down yesterday to quell the uproar over the sale of private data, but the company’s board was accused of allowing her a dignified exit. She will stay with the company for another […]

Your Privacy Online – What They Know – Notwithstanding the WSJ’s rabid right-wing leanings elsewhere in its editorial pages, this is a good series on the growth of user tracking across the web. The only criticism I have is that it only covers the activities of commercial advertisers. This article helpfully provides links to […]