Call for volunteers: Micro-polling results for Presidential Elections 2011

UPDATE: Results by polling district for six counting centers are posted at

I’m looking for volunteers who are able to help me increase the transparency of the electoral process in Singapore by volunteering as counting agents in the upcoming Presidential Elections and sharing with me detailed election results by polling district. Even though there is no legal prohibition against revealing precint-level elections results, the Elections Department only publishes aggregated results for entire constituencies – which in the case of GRCs can comprise over 100,000 voters. For more details, see my earlier post, GE2011: Micro-polling results from one counting centre.

In the case of the upcoming Presidential Elections, I expect that they will only publish figures for the whole of Singapore. This is unfortunate, because detailed results would be a very valuable resource for political scientists and other researchers trying to understand voting behaviour in Singapore. (OK, yes, it would be very valuable for politicians, too, but right now, only one party has the resources to be able to collate electoral data across Singapore. And if you believe them, they are not endorsing any presidential candidate so would not have any counting agents in the counting centres to report results to them. OK, this also requires me to assume that there is a separation between party and government, but lets’s not get into that for now.)

Please contact me at if you are interested in participating in this project. What you will need to do:

  1. Sign up as a Counting Agent for any candidate. Doesn’t matter which one. This is a non-partisan project, so ideally there will be a spread of participants across the candidates.
  2. Print out the Excel template in this link ( before you go for counting. Things will get rushed when the results start coming out so best to prepare in advance.
  3. There will be 4-6 counting tables at each counting centre. Be sure to record the counting place number, polling district number and the name of polling station for each of the tables.
  4. Record the number of votes for each candidate for each of the counting places when the results are announced. I expect the number of spoilt votes to be higher than in the last GE, so be sure to also record the number of rejected ballots.
  5. Send the results back to me at For the moment, email will do but if response is overwhelming I will think of something else.
Finally, if anyone has any connections to the candidates’ campaigns and is able to help me obtain the list of counting centres and polling districts, I would really appreciate it so that I can perform some error checking.
Please send this link to anyone you know who will be acting as a counting agent and email me at if you have any questions.

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