Preventing charges for “premium” SMS messages

Looks like we’ll have to wait till late 2013 at the earliest for the Do Not Call registry to be set up, but in the meantime we can prevent our kids or ourselves from “accidentally” signing up for chargeable SMS services. Instructions for the three telcos below. Incidentally, shame on M1 for screwing its customers with a $10.70 charge for blocking premium rate service SMS. Yes, it’s the letter of IDA’s regulations but that also means that once a subscriber has blocked PRS, he will never want to unblock it even to try out one service because it’ll cost money to block PRS again after that.


To activate PRS barring service, simply dial *BLOCK (*25625).

This service is provided FREE for all SingTel customers.


To bar all PRS including StarHub Services

SMS <BARSTARHUBPRS> and send to 6757

To bar non-Starhub PRS only

SMS <BARPRS> and send to 6757

No charge for barring Premium Rate Services.


Prepaid customers can just dial #100*8*1# and barring is free. Postpaid customers have to call 1627 or activate barring online on M1’s customer portal. M1 is sticking to the letter of IDA’s regulations and only allowing one free activation of the barring service. If you block PRS, then unblock to try out one service, you will be charged $10.70 for blocking PRS again after that.