Fixing the Mazda 2 AUX jack

So my 2010 Mazda 2 started to act up on me a few months ago – At first I had to jiggle the Aux cable a few times to be able to switch to Aux  input, but after a whiIe I had to use one hand to hold the plug in at just the right angle and another hand to press the Aux button on the control. A bit difficult to do while driving…

As it turns out, this is actually a common problem in Mazda vehicles, caused by their use of two pins to detect the insertion of the jack. The pins are supposed to be shorted out when the jack is inserted but after a while the pins wear down or get loose and the stereo is not able to sense that an AUX cable has been inserted. According to this YouTube video, the solution is to short out the two pins permanently, so here goes…

First, we have to open up the console. Press in and pull up the front of the console:

This will reveal the cables connecting to the lighter and the auxiliary (AUX) port. Carefully pull out the connector for the Aux port and note the wires connecting to the Aux connector. On my car, there were five wires: pink, black, white, red and green. The middle black, white and red wires presumably carry the audio signal while the pink and green wires are used to detect the insertion of the plug.

According to the video mentioned above, pins 2 and 6 have to be shorted, but note that that video refers to a US (?) Mazda 3 and other forum posts mention different pin numbers for other Mazda models. So, first thing to do is to check which pins to short. I just used a short length of wire to short out the pink and green wires and confirm that I could now select AUX using the control button.

VERY IMPORTANT ! The method I used is a destructive method so be very, very sure that you have the correct wires before cutting them.

I cut the pink (#2) and green (#6) wires and shorted them together. In retrospect, I think the green (#6) wire was actually ground and shorting wire #2 (pink) to ground is probably the signal to indicate insertion of the Aux plug. It would have been smarter to cut the wires 1 cm away from the connector and use a crimp connector to short the pink and green wires together so that it would have been easier to reverse the process, but that’s 20/20 hindsight. This is what I actually did: I just cut the pink and green wires, stripped a little bit of the ends and wrapped them together.

After putting everything back together again, I am now able to switch between radio and AUX using the button and even though I cut the green (ground ?) wire there doesn’t seem to any static or other interference so far.

6 thoughts on “Fixing the Mazda 2 AUX jack

  1. You are the best, after year and half without AUX port finally it’s working again.
    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi there! I’m hoping you get this 11 months on. I’m having the same issue, popped out my console (which looks the same as yours), but I only have red, white, black and green wires. No pink! Do you have any ideas how I might fix mine? I would appreciate any help at this point!

  3. Pull out the plug and try shorting out the connectors with a small wire until you find the pair that allows you to select AUX using the control panel. See the photo above the “VERY IMPORTANT” warning above. If I were to guess, red and black usually carry the left and right signal while white is common, so most likely the pair would be white and green. But be sure to check before you cut any wires !!

  4. Hi Shih Tung!
    thanks a lot for the fix.
    I only have red, white, black and green in the aux port of my 2009 mazda2
    shorting the green and white pair allowed me to select aux but after catting them and putting them together i can now get only 1\3 of the sound. there are no high or lows in the sound.
    you have any idea what can cause the problem?
    thanks again!

  5. I did this on my mazda 2 2011, the wires were same as yours but it’s not working, can someone help me what to do next?

  6. Hi every body!
    first of all, this is the best blog how to fix Mazda aux problem thank’s Shih!
    I have Mazda 2 2009 and I have just red, white, black and green as another people described before.
    after 4 tries and 5 years without AUX, I succeed in fix it!!
    So the solution is to short the green(ground) and white(plugin sensor) but remain then connect to the aux connector because the aux connector need a ground connect to your music device.
    how to do it?
    Injure (not cut!) the green and the white (remain them connect to aux connector) and short them by external electric wire.
    That all.
    in that way you still have ground connect to your media device and you short the sensor to the ground.
    If you have any question send me MSG by Facebook Ben Limoy.

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