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Copied pleadings show there’s no honor among antipiracy lawyers. Takes a thief to catch a thief   Advertisements

Apple loses big in DRM ruling: jailbreaks are “fair use”. This time, the Library went (comparatively) nuts, allowing widespread bypassing of the CSS encryption on DVDs, declaring iPhone jailbreaking to be “fair use,” and letting consumers crack their legally purchased e-books in order to have them read aloud by computers. But the exemptions that did […]

Did you hear the joke about the comedian and copyright law?. Ponder the difference between the comedian and the musician. Both create and perform works to entertain audiences, but they go about protecting that work in different ways. The notoriously litigious music industry often resorts to the legal system to protect itself from pirates and […]

Both benefits and drawbacks in the filing of patents But are patents always good? Can patenting always act as the silver bullet in effectively protecting novel and useful inventions against imitation and infringement across different industries and intellectual property regimes? Extensive research studies – including those I have published with Professor Fiona Murray at the […] “Humanity’s capacity to generate new ideas and knowledge is its greatest asset. It is the source of art, science, innovation and economic development.” Adelphi Charter The development of new technologies underpinning the knowledge economy calls for a review of the copyright aquis. Together, we need to create greater incentives to maximise creativity, innovation, education […]

Reducing the Cost of IP Law – Stephan Kinsella – Mises Institute. See also Patent Lawyer Mostly Agrees With Me

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