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A “23-year-old North Korean [who had never left North Korea] told us shyly that she was besotted with Brad Pitt”. Sigh. An Economist Bureau Chief’s take on conducting workshops with Choson Exchange in North Korea: Advertisements Photos and notes from my trip to North Korea in March 2013 to conduct two seminars on Lean Production for a Women in Business workshop and on Inflation for Ministry of Finance officials. The workshops were organised by Choson Exchange, an NGO that aims to promote economic development in North Korea over the long-term […]

Side-by-side comparison of old and new North Korean Won notes.

Singapore newspaper article on the fast-food restaurant set up in Pyongyang by a group of Singaporean businessmen with unnamed North Korean business partners. Fast-food eatery sizzles in N. Korea. Jaime Ee, Straits Times, 29 Nov 2009 Behind the headlines that reclusive North Korea recently opened its first fast-food restaurant are three Singaporean businessmen. Two of […]

Most people would find this video at least a little strange, but to appreciate how bizzare it is, you would really have to have visited Pyongyang before. What it also tells you is the extent to which every visitor to Pyongyang goes on the same tour itinerary.

The NKEconWatch site carries a lot of interesting reports on North Korea, including this one on conflicting reports of the food situation in North Korea. So is the DPRK going to have a bumper harvest this year or are millions facing starvation (again) ? For foreign tourists, food was plentiful and varied. Ironically, the only mediocre meals we […]

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I had originally signed up for the tour just to attend the Arirang games and I must admit I didn’t think there would be anything much to see beyond that. My preconceptions of a grey, dreary place like that of many descriptions of former communist countries turned out to be completely incorrect. For better or […]