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Singapore Law Watch. Title: Police sought Google user info Source: Straits Times Author: Chua Hian Hou Legal News Archive SINGAPORE police and other law enforcement agencies have, over several occasions last year, asked Internet search giant Google to surrender information on its users. Although Google refused to say what information was requested, The Straits Times […]

Google backpedals on IP anonymization claim • The Register.

Government requests directed to Google and YouTube.

From slight paranoia. Only happens in the US, of course – I mean the public reporting of real-time wiretaps by law enforcement agencies. If you were to believe the public surveillance statistics, you might come away with the idea that government surveillance is exceedingly rare in the United States. Every year, the US Courts produce […]

Tagging two articles from Der Spiegel until I can get round to commenting on them. First on how the growing use of technology has given companies and governments the ability to spy on and even remotely erase private documents stored on individuals’ electronic devices. Second on the US government’s demands to be given the right […]

In a reply to a question in parliament last month, Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts Lee Boon Yang said that the government was studying the introduction of data protection legislation, but this was a “complex issue” and the “review will take some time.” (Follow links for Straits Times report and extract from Hansard.) […]