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Map of reported Israeli airstrikes and ground engagements in Gaza, overlaid on map of Singapore. Gaza is even smaller than Singapore, roughly 40km long x 6-12 km wide, in comparison to mainland Singapore’s, 40 km x 20 km. Israel has declared 44% of Gaza off-limits in the present offensive, so 1.8 million Gazans are squeezed […]

The Personal Data Protection Comission (PDPC) has argued that the existing customer exemption was introduced to give consumers the choice of receiving promotional messages and also that other countries such as the UK had similar exemptions. These arguments are red herrings: Even without the exemption, individuals always had the choice of giving consent to receive promotional messages and […]

Six MPs have submitted questions for Monday’s Parliament sitting regarding the implementation of the Do Not Call registry. Unfortunately, none of the questions directly address the fact that the government changed the regulations at the last minute without any public consultation. To recap, the government announced in 2011 that it would finally be introducing Data […]

During my first year at Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, I sat chatting one day with some classmates about the program’s difficulty. A professor overhead us and tried to allay our fears. “Don’t worry too much about grades,” he said, When you think you know everything, they give you a Bachelor’s degree. Then when […]

Got Milk? You Dont Need It – Hmm… Skim milk has same calorie load as soda.

Where Bears Roam Free: Lies and misrepresentation in Green Campaign. The End is Nigh but Singapore’s Got Talons In all honesty, I never order shark’s fin simply because I find it over-priced and I don’t get much utility from it. The way things are going, though, I might start ordering it simply to spite the […]

Looks like we’ll have to wait till late 2013 at the earliest for the Do Not Call registry to be set up, but in the meantime we can prevent our kids or ourselves from “accidentally” signing up for chargeable SMS services. Instructions for the three telcos below. Incidentally, shame on M1 for screwing its customers […]