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Guide for Counting Agents (ELD)

Looks like the Elections Department has released its’ Guide for Counting Agents in the Hougang by-election, and the sampling check for “the purpose of checking against the result of count for that counting place” remains in place. Seems fairly pointless to check “against the result of count” given that there’s no way for them to change the ballot papers even if the final result doesn’t agree with the sampling check. The real question is whether the AROs will disclose the results of the validity check to Counting Agents at the time it is carried out, and who receives the “sampling check” information after it is compiled by ELD HQ, but before the announcement of the vote counts at the counting centres.



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Hopefully ELD will explain the purpose of the sampling check before the next election. I don’t think it is tenable for ELD to conduct a sampling check during the counting without being more open and transparent as to the use of the data generated by the sampling check.