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In brief, The delimitation process in Singapore is opaque and not subject to public scrutiny. Some boundaries appear to be arbitrary or designed to favour one party. This results in weaker community ties and cynicism towards the political process. Maruah urges the government to raise the level of impartiality, equality, representativeness, non-discrimination and transparency of […]


Hopefully ELD will explain the purpose of the sampling check before the next election. I don’t think it is tenable for ELD to conduct a sampling check during the counting without being more open and transparent as to the use of the data generated by the sampling check.

My company recently decided to send its leadership team for a team-building activity organised by Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) and asked us to fill in OBS’ course registration form which contained the usual disclaimers but buried in the consent clause was this statement: “I also authorise the Outward Bound Singapore to disclose my personal information to its employees/agencies […]

Update 24 Sept : One more result in from Fuhua Secondary (Jurong GRC).  TCB did very well at this counting centre with 46.8%, almost an outright majority. Again, entirely consistent with media reports, and this data point brings TCB’s average up to 34.5% in this sample, closer to his actual vote share of 34.8% overall. This […]

UPDATE: Results by polling district for six counting centers are posted at I’m looking for volunteers who are able to help me increase the transparency of the electoral process in Singapore by volunteering as counting agents in the upcoming Presidential Elections and sharing with me detailed election results by polling district. Even though there […]

In an interview after the May 2011 General Election, a retiring PAP Minister alluded to the oaths of secrecy taken by candidates and advised reporters not to publish suggestions that any particular division in a Group Representation Constituency (GRC) had lower support for the ruling party because that could not be verified and might be […]